STAM is Social!


The Speech and Theatre Association of Missouri is not only a resource for current speech and theatre educators, but also for students studying to enter the field.  Joining STAM and attending the annual conference provides students with great opportunities to network with other speech/theatre educators through the STAM Mentorship program.  Being a member also helps students to gain access to useful educational material and attend workshops pertinent to their future careers.

STAM connects students with their future colleagues and deepens their understanding of speech and theatre education.  It also provides students with information on relevant issues within the educational profession.   Exposure to such information prepares students for their future careers.  Students who join the organization and attend the conference have a significant advantage when it comes to finding jobs post-graduation. 


To make both membership and conference attendance more affordable,  students pay a reduced membership fee of $15, which includes conference registration and a meal at the conference’s student luncheon.  To make up for any other lack of funds, students can create a Student STAM organization at their college or university and potentially receive some funding from their cooperating institution.  This method has worked for the students in Missouri State University’s Student STAM organization for the past three years.  The Student STAM organization at the University of Central Missouri has held fundraisers to raise money.  If students commit to such fundraisers early enough, they should have enough money to pay the conference fees.

For more information on the benefits of STAM, as well as information on how to set up a Student STAM chapter at your college of university, please e-mail Student Liason Alley Pettey at

Student members are also invited to join the Students of STAM Facebook group at


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