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STAM for Teachers & Professors

It's in our heritage!

The Speech & Theatre Association of Missouri has always had, at its core, the goal of providing resources for the front-line professionals working in speech and theatre education.  In the early days of the organization this was often a simple gathering of speech and theatre teachers from around the area where informal conversations were held over a common meal.

This feeling of a group of close friends coming together for a common purpose has never left our organization, even if we have grown a bit too big to gather at a local coffee house!  Now, professionals from across the state meet for our fall conference for several days of workshops, collaboration, and celebration.  What was a few dozen friends has expanded to several hundred in a banquet hall.

Why is it the first thing on my calendar?

Why do speech and theatre teachers from across the state make the STAM conference the first thing that goes on their calendar each year?  They know that there is no better way to keep up to speed with what is happening in our profession.  They know they will come back home energized and excited for a new school year with tons of new ideas to try.  They know by being a member of STAM they are part of an active, vibrant organization that provides resources long after they are back in the classroom.

This is especially important for speech and theatre teachers working in Middle School, Junior High, or High School.  Why?  Because with a very few exceptions you normally work alone!  As the single practitioner of your subject in your building (sometime in your entire district), having the opportunity to meet with dozens of other professionals that are in the same situation is invaluable.  Not only do you gain new ideas, but you are reminded that you aren't alone!

Want to learn more about the conference?

More than a conference!

While the fall conference is the centerpoint of STAM programming for the year, it is far from the only thing we do!  We know that, as a working professional, you need resources all year long - not just in September.  We also know that some people (not you certainly, but some people) lose things - even important things like great lesson plan ideas and resources.  Sometimes you may even need to ask someone for help with an important project (complicated tech theatre issue, debate rule question, etc) and need to know where to turn.  That's where STAM steps up!

Here are a few of the resources available to STAM members all year long:


  • Online lesson plan sharing site
  • Discussion board for questions, resource needs, etc
  • "Ask the Expert" contact page
  • Current issue of the STAM Journal available online
  • Access to a network of speech and theatre professionals around the state


We are always looking to find new ways to make your job as an educational professional easier.  Feel free to share your ideas with us.

Become a member of our community!

If you aren't already a member of STAM, please consider joining today.  We would love for you to be part of our community!  If you still have questions, please don't hesitate to contact a member of our team and we will be in touch.